In My Kitchen, January 2018

Food, food and more food…that pretty much sums up Christmas time in our house. Where to start?!

I got a couple of cute $2 cookie stamps at Coles and just had to try them out on some soft gingerbread tiles with rum butter glaze.

Speaking of cookies, this is only a portion of the cookie baking I did to give away a dozen filled trays like the ones above to school staff, church, family friends, etc.

Then there was the head to head battle of the buche de Noel recipes to see which I preferred – and the result, I’ll be Frankensteining the one I make next Christmas. =)

There was our last day of school tradition making a homemade gingerbread house then completely covering it in lollies that we crack open on New Years Eve.

A Christmas Eve dinner to remember: our first ever standing rib roast with Yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes, glazed carrots and brussel sprouts, with a lovely red wine jus…on the dinner set that we use all December each year that is starting to become too small (place setting wise) for our growing family.

Our drowning gingerbread man trifle that we ate for Christmas Eve dessert while watching Carols by Candlelight.

Christmas morning orange and cranberry pluckets for breakfast.

Too many apricots, sadly rotting faster than we can eat them or otherwise use them. This photo is from one small section of our abundantly fruiting tree.

My cookbook haul from our local library last month next to my Tupperware Santa containers that house leftover baking that didn’t make trays, just in case you need something to go with your cuppa.


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6 Replies to “In My Kitchen, January 2018”

  1. Your cookie baking is incredible! You didn’t say how many exactly — I take it that there were too many to count them.

    best… mae at

    1. Definitely lost count, but it would’ve been hundreds. I may have a problem when it comes to cookie baking! =)

  2. hi Jen
    how marvellous to see you! virtually anyway:) i love all your baking- all those beautiful cookies and that pull-apart bread looks so delicious. what a feast in your Christmas kitchen. Hope you had a wonderful new year’s and have a great 2018. see you next month – i hope :=)
    sherry x

  3. You certainly have been busy with all that baking. Which buche de Noel recipe did you like best? The first picture looks better but that is not always everything. Your Christmas menu looks delightful and special. Happy New Year and I look forward to next month’s post.

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