In My Kitchen: February 2018

January we were in full swing school holiday mode, with lots more busyness about the house for a change!

Anybody else have an odd cheap container that you have in multiples?! We picked up 10 of these from Kmart for $2 each last year for a Year 9 science project and I’ve found that they make the best containers for proofing bread doughs. Now I wonder how I lived without them.

Zucchinis and more zucchinis from work friends and playgroup friends. We love zucchinis so will never refuse!

Another generous gift, a small jar of raspberry rhubarb jam. Had this on toast for breakfast quite regularly this month.

Sick company while making a birthday cake for my now 12 year old. Our poor gorgeous daughter refused to lie down anywhere more comfortable unless Aaron or I were with her.

Speaking of birthday cakes – this special boy of mine chooses the same flavour every year, caramel apple, no matter that it’s January and that’s more of an autumn flavour, his wish is my command. (Notice that 24 hours later, the princess is smiling again!)

And here she is with her morning cup of tea…what is this habit that we have started (don’t worry, it’s camomile)?!!

Every time I grab a recipe from this card file I want to smile and cry at the same time. These ladies gifted me this at my bridal shower almost 17 years ago and I wish we weren’t separated by a great big ocean all the time.

The 2 year old sampling the results of that previous recipe. We picked up this learning tower second hand a few months ago from a lady who made it but it didn’t suit her kitchen – and it even matches our bench tops!

Care package from my mom included this cute little packet of gingerbread peeps. I love marshmallows more than just about anything so these were a lovely afternoon tea treat one day. Nevermind that they’re like 100% sugar.

A present given to one of the kids that graces my kitchen window. To me it’s a little piece of home.

Teenage invaders. We found these recliners on gumtree for a steal and bought them to go in their bedroom under their loft beds so they had a place to sit and chill and read. They spent a fair bit of time this month playing Mario Odyssey in front of the aircon instead, well, until the tennis started and they got kicked out.

My current cookbook spot with library books, food magazines and a few extra books from home.


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6 Replies to “In My Kitchen: February 2018”

  1. hi Jen
    thanks for joining in to IMK this month. great to see you here. Cookbooks – ah how i love them and i keep buying them. naughty me! our friends in hobart had bucket loads of zukes too. they just keep on growing. one friend cooked up an entree of grilled zucchini and halloumi – so delish! cheers and have a great Feb. sherry x

  2. Hello, Jen! Glad to see your lil’ girl is on the mend. Your kiddos are so cute! I loved your stash of handwritten recipes, as well as your cookbook collection. (Julia is a favorite of mine, too… just poked through your posts featuring her recipes, yum…) Thanks for this peek into your kitchen!

    1. I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface of that book. Can’t wait to try some more of her recipes when cooler weather hits.

  3. Isn’t it cool when you find ways to repurpose items ? That jam looks awesome as well as that cactus—love it!

    1. So cool. I used one of the containers just yesterday to proof naan dough. Works like magic! Thanks for visiting. =)

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