In My Kitchen: July 2018

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We are more than halfway through the year and currently I’m enjoying spending some time with the kids and having sleep ins, especially on these cold Canberra mornings. In my kitchen this month I’m trying out a few new vegan finds…

This vegan choc hazelnut spread I’m using as a nutella alternative. It’s not nearly as good and I’m missing nutella’s creaminess but it’s still nice to eat, especially my favorite way – on raisin toast!

This yogurt I’ve been having in lieu of jam and cream on crumpets and it is soooo good! I *let* Aaron try it and he said he never wants to eat normal yogurt again.

4th of July has come and gone but not before my mom sent out some patriotic tea towels…

I finally secured a mug tree for our monogram mugs…

Speaking of tea, I’ve added two more into the rotation, Adore Tea’s Raspberry & Vanilla Rooibos and T2’s Chai. Can’t have too many teas in this cold weather, in my opinion.

My current cookbook “shelf”…

…plus the 2 books of the month – Tartine All Day for Food52 Cookbook Club and The Four & Twenty Blackbirds Pie Book for Food52 Baking Club. So looking forward to exploring these bad boys over the course of July!


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