In My Kitchen: July 2018

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We are more than halfway through the year and currently I’m enjoying spending some time with the kids and having sleep ins, especially on these cold Canberra mornings. In my kitchen this month I’m trying out a few new vegan finds…

This vegan choc hazelnut spread I’m using as a nutella alternative. It’s not nearly as good and I’m missing nutella’s creaminess but it’s still nice to eat, especially my favorite way – on raisin toast!

This yogurt I’ve been having in lieu of jam and cream on crumpets and it is soooo good! I *let* Aaron try it and he said he never wants to eat normal yogurt again.

4th of July has come and gone but not before my mom sent out some patriotic tea towels…

I finally secured a mug tree for our monogram mugs…

Speaking of tea, I’ve added two more into the rotation, Adore Tea’s Raspberry & Vanilla Rooibos and T2’s Chai. Can’t have too many teas in this cold weather, in my opinion.

My current cookbook “shelf”…

…plus the 2 books of the month – Tartine All Day for Food52 Cookbook Club and The Four & Twenty Blackbirds Pie Book for Food52 Baking Club. So looking forward to exploring these bad boys over the course of July!


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In My Kitchen: June 2018

Winter is here, we spent last month checking out college open nights and this month it’s all about high school musicals and end of semester assignments and exams. That being said, our kitchen hasn’t seen much new this month…but here are a few things I managed to round up to share…

When you’re a family of six, glasses take up a good chunk of dishwasher space each day. For a while now we’ve been a water bottle family, we each have assigned (spill proof) bottles that we can have anywhere in the house and they even come to the dinner table with us rather than getting out glasses. These are our latest ones which we’ve had for almost 18 months now and they’re still going strong. We bought these from Costco in 6 different colors so there’d be no guess work as to who gets what. They also travel to school with the kids each day. (And don’t worry, they get washed regularly.)

One of my biggest pet peeves in my kitchen is the cord mess where we plug in phones and ipads and other devices. I finally bought a recharge station to help combat the problem and it’s starting to look a bit better but I’m still not 100% happy with our setup. I’d love to know what others use to keep things looking nice and organized.

I’m really digging T2’s Gorgeous Geisha green tea blend lately. I’ve been brewing a small pot of it every day in my 1 litre Takeya jug and since the cooler weather has hit, I even busted out the jacket for it to keep the tea warmer for longer. I love the colder months when you have an excuse to brew tea all day long!

Some new acquisitions that I cannot wait to use! Aldi had these embossed fondant rolling pins on sale recently and I thought they’d be perfect for the gingerbread tiles I have a couple of recipes for. I then found a $2 ravioli cutter at Coles that I thought would be good for cutting out individual cookies. Hope I get an opportunity to make some really soon – I’m dying to give it a go.

My cookbook collection has been wittled down a bit this month but there are still a few new ones in there. Every time I get a chance to sit down with a cuppa I’ll flick through one of these and add another recipe to try to my list. It never gets old!



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In My Kitchen: May 2018

In my kitchen this month…it’s May…it’s Term 2…and things are getting crazy busy in our house…so much so that I’ve had to resort to making my own personalized family calendar for the term which is gracing the cupboard next to the fridge. It’s five A4 pages landscape taped together and I made it in Excel with a column for each of us plus a general family column and each day is a row. It’s also an electronic file that we can share when we’re not at home, but I find that we really need a centralized visible calendar to keep track of everything and this is the place where we write stuff in or cross stuff off so I know to update the electronic copy. So far no one has missed anything important…but it’s only week 1!

A hopeful sign of future sourdough posts – I’m finally attempting to rehydrate some sourdough starter I dried out about 6 months ago.

This peanut butter is the best! I’m in a bit of a panic that we’re on our last jar as it is quite expensive when not on sale given the amount our family of 6 goes through each week. #peanutbutteraddicts

Remember my daughter’s Belle drawing that was gracing my kitchen window last month?!! Well to it has been added another drawing of Harry Potter and his owl Hedwig. I need to buy some frames for these!

Friends of ours own a coffee business and this is our favorite blend that we’ve been brewing here at home for the past 6 months or so. And now that we have 4 coffee drinkers we’re going through a lot of it, thankfully our coffee machine isn’t on the fritz anymore.

I absolutely love cookie jars and have planned that my special gift to my kids when they move out of home is going to be a funky collectible cookie jar that reminds me of each of them…also something that I have an excuse to bake and fill when I come visit. This one, however, was a gift from Aaron’s sister a while back and since we didn’t have a specific use for it, it has become our dog Ridley’s biscuit jar. Ridley is named for Daisy Ridley who plays Rey in the new Star Wars movies. Our Riddles’ full name is Ridley Rey because my daughter and I both have Rae as our middle names. Anyhow, Darth Vader seemed like the perfect cookie jar for our beautiful doggy.

I’ve gotten my Mother’s Day present a little early because it was on sale on Bing Lee’s ebay store. I have been wanting a good quality portable bluetooth speaker for ages and Aaron bought two of these that can be paired together. Currently we have one in the lounge room and one in the kitchen and now my baking is accompanied by a lot of wacky dance moves. =)

My current cookbook “shelf” – paired down a bit, the kettle fits again, but only if I put the cookbooks that I own on top of the sadly empty fresh bread bin. That will be corrected this weekend though, I hope!

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!

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In My Kitchen: April 2018

I was meant to post this on Friday but have been terribly slack. Actually that’s a lie. I was flat out coordinating and running the cake stall at our daughter’s primary school this weekend, so this is the first chance I’ve had to sit down to write this post.

My cactus collection is growing…my sweet nephew bought me this lamp for my birthday because he knows I like cactus. We’re having him for a sleepover sometime in the next couple weeks and I’ve got a special surprise in the works for him.

And my mom came through in a big way when I told her I desperately needed some new hanging hand towels in my kitchen. She found some cactus and some pumpkin tea towels and sewed the tops on herself. Such a great birthday present that will seriously be used all day every day.

Speaking of gifts from my mom – the package she sent also included some new flavors of Oreos…the cinnamon ones are by far my favorite!

Then I spotted these at Woolies and had to buy a couple bags – one for us and one for my mom, I’m sure she’s never seen these before!

See that little red ring on my coffee machine. That is the difference between happiness and chaos. There used to be a little greyish green one like the one behind there but it broke off the other day. Who knew that something so small could mean that we couldn’t make coffee?!! Aaron luckily found the red one on the milk steamer wand that we don’t use very often and repurposed it. We’d been buying coffee for several days (this was over the course of the fete weekend) and it is just soooo much nicer to be able to make it on demand.

This has been adorning the kitchen window above the sink for the last few weeks. Miss 6 has been learning how to draw with the help of YouTube and she’s getting really good at it. Belle is my favorite Disney princess so I’ve happily left her on display.

My cake stall contribution…3 batches of caramel slice…

…3 dozen red velvet cupcakes…and (not pictured) 45 gluten free custard yoyos with roasted strawberry icing. It was a busy couple days in the kitchen.

My library cookbook shelf atm – so many books I had to move the kettle. This is getting out of hand!


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In My Kitchen: March 2018

Things are back in full swing now that school is in session, but my kitchen this month has still seen the benefits of summer produce and generous friends…

…but first, PSA, I am not a morning person. And the morning school drop off time has been extended by half an hour. In order to get out the door and maximise my sleep, I just had to buy this cactus travel mug for my morning double shot latte…

…it reminds me of this vintage cookie jar my mom gave me 5 years ago now. I love seeing the kids lift the lid to find its hidden treasures.

One of my Hebrew translating friends was blessed with a huge tray of these delicious figs and was kind enough to offer me some to take away. Of course, I didn’t refuse them…

…or the HUGE jar of fig preserves she gave me. We’ve enjoyed this with Camembert and crackers and are quickly getting through it!

The blackberries atop these friands were picked by my husband on our first urban foraging expedition last month. Sadly, we didn’t get a chance to go get more and we think the season may be passed now. But there’s always next year.

At school pick up today a friend handed me a container of eggs from their backyard chickens. Such a treat!

We finally got our hands on the chocolate that has been all over Facebook land. I see why people are mad for it, it is sooooo good. (I only bought 3 bars in case we didn’t like it.)

My cookbook “shelf” this month  – it’s gotten so full I’m running out of space for my bread bin and kettle.


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In My Kitchen: February 2018

January we were in full swing school holiday mode, with lots more busyness about the house for a change!

Anybody else have an odd cheap container that you have in multiples?! We picked up 10 of these from Kmart for $2 each last year for a Year 9 science project and I’ve found that they make the best containers for proofing bread doughs. Now I wonder how I lived without them.

Zucchinis and more zucchinis from work friends and playgroup friends. We love zucchinis so will never refuse!

Another generous gift, a small jar of raspberry rhubarb jam. Had this on toast for breakfast quite regularly this month.

Sick company while making a birthday cake for my now 12 year old. Our poor gorgeous daughter refused to lie down anywhere more comfortable unless Aaron or I were with her.

Speaking of birthday cakes – this special boy of mine chooses the same flavour every year, caramel apple, no matter that it’s January and that’s more of an autumn flavour, his wish is my command. (Notice that 24 hours later, the princess is smiling again!)

And here she is with her morning cup of tea…what is this habit that we have started (don’t worry, it’s camomile)?!!

Every time I grab a recipe from this card file I want to smile and cry at the same time. These ladies gifted me this at my bridal shower almost 17 years ago and I wish we weren’t separated by a great big ocean all the time.

The 2 year old sampling the results of that previous recipe. We picked up this learning tower second hand a few months ago from a lady who made it but it didn’t suit her kitchen – and it even matches our bench tops!

Care package from my mom included this cute little packet of gingerbread peeps. I love marshmallows more than just about anything so these were a lovely afternoon tea treat one day. Nevermind that they’re like 100% sugar.

A present given to one of the kids that graces my kitchen window. To me it’s a little piece of home.

Teenage invaders. We found these recliners on gumtree for a steal and bought them to go in their bedroom under their loft beds so they had a place to sit and chill and read. They spent a fair bit of time this month playing Mario Odyssey in front of the aircon instead, well, until the tennis started and they got kicked out.

My current cookbook spot with library books, food magazines and a few extra books from home.


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In My Kitchen, January 2018

Food, food and more food…that pretty much sums up Christmas time in our house. Where to start?!

I got a couple of cute $2 cookie stamps at Coles and just had to try them out on some soft gingerbread tiles with rum butter glaze.

Speaking of cookies, this is only a portion of the cookie baking I did to give away a dozen filled trays like the ones above to school staff, church, family friends, etc.

Then there was the head to head battle of the buche de Noel recipes to see which I preferred – and the result, I’ll be Frankensteining the one I make next Christmas. =)

There was our last day of school tradition making a homemade gingerbread house then completely covering it in lollies that we crack open on New Years Eve.

A Christmas Eve dinner to remember: our first ever standing rib roast with Yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes, glazed carrots and brussel sprouts, with a lovely red wine jus…on the dinner set that we use all December each year that is starting to become too small (place setting wise) for our growing family.

Our drowning gingerbread man trifle that we ate for Christmas Eve dessert while watching Carols by Candlelight.

Christmas morning orange and cranberry pluckets for breakfast.

Too many apricots, sadly rotting faster than we can eat them or otherwise use them. This photo is from one small section of our abundantly fruiting tree.

My cookbook haul from our local library last month next to my Tupperware Santa containers that house leftover baking that didn’t make trays, just in case you need something to go with your cuppa.


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