Throwback Thursday: PB&J Whoopie Pies from The Fearless Baker

I’m still totally addicted to the peanut butter and blackberry jam combo. One of the reasons I was really looking forward to getting The Fearless Baker back out from the library was because I knew that inside that magical book there was a recipe that would indulge that PB&J craving – PB&J Whoopie Pies.

The cookie is actually part wholemeal which makes it more reminiscent of a sandwich and it is light and chewy like cake or muffins. They were super easy to make and so satisfying to eat.

The filling is peanut butter marshmallow cream and it makes a huge amount! You make it by first making a sugar syrup and then adding it to whipped egg whites and once that’s combined you fold through peanut butter that’s been mixed with butter, salt and vanilla. I bought the good stuff – Bonne Maman blackberry jam to finish these off and they are easily one of the most amazing creations to ever come out of my kitchen.

They were messy to eat, I’ll be honest. The marshmallow cream being so generous wanted to ooze out the sides with each bite. I wouldn’t change that though, I wouldn’t change anything at all!

We used the leftovers to create cheats PB&J wagon wheels – I bought some chocolate wheatens that we spread with blackberry jam and peanut butter marshmallow cream and sandwiched together. There was no way I was wasting a single bite of that marshmallow cream!

There are still so many things I want to try from The Fearless Baker. One month going through that book was clearly not enough.

What I Ate This Week – April School Holidays, part 1

Since it’s school holidays, it was way too hectic on Wednesday to do a What I Ate Wednesday post, so instead I thought I’d share a few local finds that I’ve enjoyed this week with a special Saturday post. =)

First, I tried this Patissez doughie a few weeks ago and I have not been able to stop thinking about it. So we did an obligatory trip to Patissez for doughnuts and/or Freak Shakes for the family. It’s peanut butter and jam – the peanut butter is a peanut butter creme patisserie that is soooo glorious and the jam – well, it’s housemade blackberry jam and it is to die for. I’m now on a mad hunt for blackberry jam to try making these PB&J cupcakes that have been on my hit list for years!

And then there’s this awesome dinner we had last night – Florey takeaway burgers and sweet potato chips with a couple local pale ales from Capital Brewing Co and BentSpoke Brewing Co that Aaron and I shared. I thought the flavor was more developed in the BentSpoke beer so it’s the one I preferred. Aaron thought the Capital Brewing Co version was better.

I love the burgers from Florey takeaway – they are definitely beef, not mystery meat with a bunch of flavorings to disguise it. And the fact that they sell sweet potato chips and it’s all so reasonably priced, it has been a game changer for us. We had been years between eating takeaway burgers, but now we might go get this meal once every couple months when it’s a Friday night and we don’t feel like cooking. I usually only eat half the burger if we get sweet potato chips, but it never goes to waste with my 2 older boys and Aaron around to happily finish it off.

So there you have it – a few shout outs to some local treasures. If you find yourself in Canberra, be sure to try ’em!