What I Ate This Week – April School Holidays, part 2

This week was another very relaxed week food wise. We enjoyed a few more of our local favorites.

First up, in our opinion, the best takeaway pizzas – the Evatt Special (like an Aussie Bob with bacon & egg) and the Supreme pizza (with anchovies of course) from Evatt takeaway.

My beautiful 6 year old and I sported pink tipped hair to Tulips Cafe in Pialligo to meet up with some friends. She loved the fairy bread pinwheel and her caramel milkshake, while I enjoyed the Devonshire Tea which included a huge date scone with jam and cream (I’ve written of my love for date scones here). And it was so reasonably priced – it was less than $18!

And lastly, a sneaky lunch one day – Hayden’s honey roasted pumpkin, spinach and feta pie – you can find them at The Spence Grocer, delivered from Ulladulla daily.

What I Ate This Week – April School Holidays, part 1

Since it’s school holidays, it was way too hectic on Wednesday to do a What I Ate Wednesday post, so instead I thought I’d share a few local finds that I’ve enjoyed this week with a special Saturday post. =)

First, I tried this Patissez doughie a few weeks ago and I have not been able to stop thinking about it. So we did an obligatory trip to Patissez for doughnuts and/or Freak Shakes for the family. It’s peanut butter and jam – the peanut butter is a peanut butter creme patisserie that is soooo glorious and the jam – well, it’s housemade blackberry jam and it is to die for. I’m now on a mad hunt for blackberry jam to try making these PB&J cupcakes that have been on my hit list for years!

And then there’s this awesome dinner we had last night – Florey takeaway burgers and sweet potato chips with a couple local pale ales from Capital Brewing Co and BentSpoke Brewing Co that Aaron and I shared. I thought the flavor was more developed in the BentSpoke beer so it’s the one I preferred. Aaron thought the Capital Brewing Co version was better.

I love the burgers from Florey takeaway – they are definitely beef, not mystery meat with a bunch of flavorings to disguise it. And the fact that they sell sweet potato chips and it’s all so reasonably priced, it has been a game changer for us. We had been years between eating takeaway burgers, but now we might go get this meal once every couple months when it’s a Friday night and we don’t feel like cooking. I usually only eat half the burger if we get sweet potato chips, but it never goes to waste with my 2 older boys and Aaron around to happily finish it off.

So there you have it – a few shout outs to some local treasures. If you find yourself in Canberra, be sure to try ’em!

What I Ate Wednesday (11/4/18)

Today was a real empty the fridge day…

Its started by enjoying an almond milk latte made by my 14 year old…

…then 2 pieces of wholemeal raisin toast ends with vegan butter and a cup of tea and 2 glasses of water…

…lunch was similarly 2 pieces of wholemeal toast ends with peanut butter and the remains of the strawberry rhubarb jam with another almond milk latte and another glass of water.

…for afternoon tea I had another glass of water and 2 plums (I ate 1 before I took the photo)…

Dinner was my mangled piece of meatloaf with some bourbon glazed carrots, buttered peas and mashed potatoes…all kinds of deliciousness. 1 more glass of water!

Dessert was leftover Easter chocolates a final glass of water and a rooibos tea.

What I Ate Wednesday (4/4/18)

This week has been absolute chaos and today was no exception. The day started off with a coffee in the car and a glass of water when I got home, and then by 10 I was able to sit down with another coffee, another glass of water and a bowl of whipped banana porridge with a spoonful of peanut butter and some frozen berries. (Our coffee machine was being super weird, so I’m a bit worried that’s my last coffee for a while *sobs*.)

Thank goodness I had the foresight to have a big breakfast because out I went at 11 and didn’t stop until after school pick up when I made myself a cup of tea and sampled the three new types of Oreo cookies that my mom sent. Downed another glass of water too.

Raced back out the door after that to go pick up Aaron from work. His public transport commute has gotten ridiculous so while I’m loathing the car I’m always keen to get him home sooner.

This meant that dinner needed to be quick and simple, so I went for creamy sundried tomato pasta that I can have on the table from start to finish in 20 minutes. Another glass of water!

Some leftover Easter chocolates for dessert while lying in bed with a heat pack on my back…what have I done to cause so much back pain?!!

And my version of a night cap – a cup of vanilla rooibos tea (and one last water, not pictured).

What I Ate Wednesday (28/3/18)

Trekked down to Erindale Cakery Bakery yesterday to snag some of their flavoured hot cross buns – this one was raspberry white chocolate. It was just ok. Had it with vegan butter and a double shot almond milk latte and a glass of water.

Hawaiian pizza scroll for a quick lunchtime commute

Followed by 2 glasses of water when I got home because I was thirsty!

A handful of grapes and another water after school pick up this arvo.

Wholemeal “mac” and cheese with a green salad for dinner…

…with more water! Having a glass handy is so much easier than keeping track of where my water bottle is.

Almond pound cake with raspberry jam swirl and glaze and a skim milk latte for dessert.

And a late night rooibos. Sweet dreams!

What I Ate Wednesday (21/3/18)

A bowl of whipped banana porridge with peanut butter, cinnamon and frozen berries. A latte made on almond milk and a tall glass of water.

Followed not long after by another almond milk latte and another glass of water.

An open PB&J (aka two wholemeal bread ends with peanut butter and strawberry jam) and my 3rd glass of water!

An Earl grey tea with almond milk and water #4

Water #5 with 3 wafer crackers (which I since found out are NOT vegan!) spread with green olive and artichoke tapenade and some little tomatoes.

Dinner today was a bit of an experiment: one of our favourites, chicken pot parmentier, cooked in the slow cooker. It worked and it was wonderful! Oh and water #6!

A slice of birthday cake for dessert. Not gonna lie, it’s not the best cake…

Finished off with my favourite vanilla rooibos tea!