In My Kitchen: March 2018

Things are back in full swing now that school is in session, but my kitchen this month has still seen the benefits of summer produce and generous friends…

…but first, PSA, I am not a morning person. And the morning school drop off time has been extended by half an hour. In order to get out the door and maximise my sleep, I just had to buy this cactus travel mug for my morning double shot latte…

…it reminds me of this vintage cookie jar my mom gave me 5 years ago now. I love seeing the kids lift the lid to find its hidden treasures.

One of my Hebrew translating friends was blessed with a huge tray of these delicious figs and was kind enough to offer me some to take away. Of course, I didn’t refuse them…

…or the HUGE jar of fig preserves she gave me. We’ve enjoyed this with Camembert and crackers and are quickly getting through it!

The blackberries atop these friands were picked by my husband on our first urban foraging expedition last month. Sadly, we didn’t get a chance to go get more and we think the season may be passed now. But there’s always next year.

At school pick up today a friend handed me a container of eggs from their backyard chickens. Such a treat!

We finally got our hands on the chocolate that has been all over Facebook land. I see why people are mad for it, it is sooooo good. (I only bought 3 bars in case we didn’t like it.)

My cookbook “shelf” this month  – it’s gotten so full I’m running out of space for my bread bin and kettle.


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