Smitten Kitchen Every Day: Sticky Toffee Waffles

Aaron’s favourite dessert is sticky date pudding. My favourite dinner is breakfast Put those hands together and this is what you get! I was looking for an appropriate dessert to go along with our bacon and egg casserole a few weeks back and was flicking through the plethora of cookbooks on my bench and when I came across this and saw how it didn’t look very complicated, I knew we had to try it.

Food52 Cookbook Club is going through Deb Perelman’s book Smitten Kitchen Every Day this month and for some reason, I seem to be drawn to more of her sweet items than her savoury meals, although I do endeavour to try at least one savoury item.

The first thing you need to do to make these waffles is soak the dried dates in boiling water for 30 minutes. While that’s happening you make the toffee sauce which is a basic recipe that has butter, cream, brown sugar and vanilla which is cooked out on the stove to make an ooey gooey toffee sauce. Then you process the dates and water with some butter, and eggs and then the dry ingredients and process just until the mixture comes together. Then it’s just a matter of cooking the waffles in the waffle maker as you normally would and plate them up.

These were very, very tasty, and if I had any criticism it would be that they weren’t very crispy on the outside. Deb puts hers in the oven to keep them warm until they’re all made and that may have the effect of crisping them up, but I actually think chucking them in the toaster might do a better job. Or just make them as pancakes. This batter looks like it would make great pancakes, and Deb has some of the best pancake recipes we’ve ever had on her website – our 6 year old who hates anything that resembles normal food, absolutely loves her zucchini bread pancakes.

Regardless of the crispiness, we will definitely make these again because the taste was amazing (and like I said – Aaron’s favourite dessert is sticky date pudding, so we already know we’re on a winner with these).