Smitten Kitchen Every Day: Olive oil shortbread with rosemary and chocolate chunks

This by far has been the most popular recipe this month with the Food52 Cookbook Club. Everyone is making it – so of course I had to try it too. Shorbread traditionally is made with bread, and with the interesting combination of rosemary and chocolate and the ease with which the recipe comes together, it is easy to understand its appeal.

All you have to do is whisk together some dry ingredients – flour, icing sugar, raw sugar, salt – then stir in the olive oil, the rosemary, and the chocolate. Roll it out into an 8 or 9 inch slab, sprinkle over some more sugar (you can brush on egg white, but I didn’t because I thought I should keep it vegan) and cook it in a low oven for 20 minutes. When you take it out you need to cut it while it’s still hot with a sharp knife.

To be honest with all the hype about this recipe, I was underwhelmed. I didn’t think that the finished product melted in your mouth the way that shortbread normally would, and it was soooo crumbly on top that it just got messy to eat. That didn’t stop us from getting through the whole batch, but it wasn’t something we ate in one sitting. It took us about a week, so yeah, probably not a great success or a recipe I’ll return to in a hurry.