In My Kitchen: May 2018

In my kitchen this month…it’s May…it’s Term 2…and things are getting crazy busy in our house…so much so that I’ve had to resort to making my own personalized family calendar for the term which is gracing the cupboard next to the fridge. It’s five A4 pages landscape taped together and I made it in Excel with a column for each of us plus a general family column and each day is a row. It’s also an electronic file that we can share when we’re not at home, but I find that we really need a centralized visible calendar to keep track of everything and this is the place where we write stuff in or cross stuff off so I know to update the electronic copy. So far no one has missed anything important…but it’s only week 1!

A hopeful sign of future sourdough posts – I’m finally attempting to rehydrate some sourdough starter I dried out about 6 months ago.

This peanut butter is the best! I’m in a bit of a panic that we’re on our last jar as it is quite expensive when not on sale given the amount our family of 6 goes through each week. #peanutbutteraddicts

Remember my daughter’s Belle drawing that was gracing my kitchen window last month?!! Well to it has been added another drawing of Harry Potter and his owl Hedwig. I need to buy some frames for these!

Friends of ours own a coffee business and this is our favorite blend that we’ve been brewing here at home for the past 6 months or so. And now that we have 4 coffee drinkers we’re going through a lot of it, thankfully our coffee machine isn’t on the fritz anymore.

I absolutely love cookie jars and have planned that my special gift to my kids when they move out of home is going to be a funky collectible cookie jar that reminds me of each of them…also something that I have an excuse to bake and fill when I come visit. This one, however, was a gift from Aaron’s sister a while back and since we didn’t have a specific use for it, it has become our dog Ridley’s biscuit jar. Ridley is named for Daisy Ridley who plays Rey in the new Star Wars movies. Our Riddles’ full name is Ridley Rey because my daughter and I both have Rae as our middle names. Anyhow, Darth Vader seemed like the perfect cookie jar for our beautiful doggy.

I’ve gotten my Mother’s Day present a little early because it was on sale on Bing Lee’s ebay store. I have been wanting a good quality portable bluetooth speaker for ages and Aaron bought two of these that can be paired together. Currently we have one in the lounge room and one in the kitchen and now my baking is accompanied by a lot of wacky dance moves. =)

My current cookbook “shelf” – paired down a bit, the kettle fits again, but only if I put the cookbooks that I own on top of the sadly empty fresh bread bin. That will be corrected this weekend though, I hope!

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!

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