Savory Rugelach

The King Arthur Flour Bakealong challenge this month is a twist on an old challenge – savory rugelach made as spirals rather than their traditional roll ups. I must admit I wasn’t too excited by this one…I’ve made last month’s challenge several times already…but now that I gave it a go, I can see what the fuss was all about, they are so delicious!

The dough is a combination of cream cheese, sour cream, butter and flour – it’s chilled for an hour or so before you roll it into a rectangle, sprinkle on the fillings, roll it up into a spiral and slice off discs before baking. I had a really hard time maintaining the shape on these and think that next time I’d chill it again before slicing.

The first variety I made was spinach and feta – the recipe says that because there’s not much fat in the fillings that they brush on melted butter. I took it a step further. I made up some garlic butter for naan and was hesitant to throw out the remaining 1/4 cup so I chucked it back in the fridge. I remelted it and brushed it on before putting the fillings down and it worked perfectly and added a bit of extra oomph!

The second variety was cheddar and pecan and this was very scrumptious. I wasn’t too keen on keeping this as a log and cutting after baking but soon after I started cutting discs I worked out why they did that – the pecans go everywhere! Oh well…I just refilled them after I put them on the baking trays.

These cooked in about half the time that the recipe suggested. I can’t imagine how burnt these would’ve been had I just gone with the instructions. Aaron absolutely loved these – I made them to go alongside our family movie/cheese night and most of the 48 that the recipe made have disappeared.

Will I make them again? I think so – but like I said, I’d change the slicing method by refrigerating the rolled logs first – I think I’d like to try some different fillings still too. I can see throwing these together for a party appetizer/finger food option. The challenges are consistently great and I can’t wait to see what it will be next month!