King Arthur Flour’s Whole Grain Banana Bread

One of the very first things I can remember helping with in the kitchen  is making banana bread with my Aunt Cindy. We’d wait until the bananas were almost black and load them into the mixer to make the moistest batter on the planet. We’d bake a huge batch in little loaf pans, medium loaf pans and a few bigger ones as well and it was the best banana bread in my humble opinion. I’ve since made her recipe a few times and have not had the same success rate with it. Wonder if it was the magic of the moment spent together that made it so great?!

This year King Arthur Flour’s recipe of the year is their Whole Grain Banana Bread. This immediately appealed to me as we try to eat whole grains rather than white most of the time, not only for the health factor, but the hearty factor – I’ve got 4 boys (if you include Aaron) who are big eaters and my daughter can put the food away as well. So a while back I gave it a go when I also tried Tartine’s Zucchini & Orange Marmalade Tea Cake.

My thoughts…this was definitely the moistest WHOLEMEAL banana bread that I’ve had. I used to make one that incorporated oats that was pretty good as well, but this was better, especially with the addition of walnuts (seriously, good banana bread must have walnuts). I didn’t really care for the sugar topping and so this week when I make it again I’ll be leaving that off for sure. I’m going to adjust the temperature and timings a bit too and hopefully get it to cook without the top cracking this time around. I fear that it has to do with our dodgy oven, but making a few adjustments on my end can sometimes yield better results.

I guess you could say that if I’m trying again it is a good recipe. I’m going to have a nice thorough read of it beforehand as I’d like to have something gluten free for a get together at the end of the week, so maybe I’ll make two versions if it can be adapted. (If not, I may try that clementine cake from Jerusalem again.) But for now, it’s time to go bananas!


Update: I made the banana bread again today, ditched the cinnamon sugar topping and used choc chips instead of walnuts to make it more appealing to Little Miss 6 1/2. I baked it in my taller thinner ceramic loaf pan and in a lower oven for longer and it turned out amazing!

I could only manage about 30 minutes of cooling before cutting it and having a slice with some coffee. Mmm mmm….

And by the end of the day, there was nothing left!