In My Kitchen: June 2018

Winter is here, we spent last month checking out college open nights and this month it’s all about high school musicals and end of semester assignments and exams. That being said, our kitchen hasn’t seen much new this month…but here are a few things I managed to round up to share…

When you’re a family of six, glasses take up a good chunk of dishwasher space each day. For a while now we’ve been a water bottle family, we each have assigned (spill proof) bottles that we can have anywhere in the house and they even come to the dinner table with us rather than getting out glasses. These are our latest ones which we’ve had for almost 18 months now and they’re still going strong. We bought these from Costco in 6 different colors so there’d be no guess work as to who gets what. They also travel to school with the kids each day. (And don’t worry, they get washed regularly.)

One of my biggest pet peeves in my kitchen is the cord mess where we plug in phones and ipads and other devices. I finally bought a recharge station to help combat the problem and it’s starting to look a bit better but I’m still not 100% happy with our setup. I’d love to know what others use to keep things looking nice and organized.

I’m really digging T2’s Gorgeous Geisha green tea blend lately. I’ve been brewing a small pot of it every day in my 1 litre Takeya jug and since the cooler weather has hit, I even busted out the jacket for it to keep the tea warmer for longer. I love the colder months when you have an excuse to brew tea all day long!

Some new acquisitions that I cannot wait to use! Aldi had these embossed fondant rolling pins on sale recently and I thought they’d be perfect for the gingerbread tiles I have a couple of recipes for. I then found a $2 ravioli cutter at Coles that I thought would be good for cutting out individual cookies. Hope I get an opportunity to make some really soon – I’m dying to give it a go.

My cookbook collection has been wittled down a bit this month but there are still a few new ones in there. Every time I get a chance to sit down with a cuppa I’ll flick through one of these and add another recipe to try to my list. It never gets old!



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