Appetites: Bodega Sandwiches

Food52 Cookbook Club has added two of Anthony Bourdain’s cookbooks to this month’s club choices. This recipe, which Aaron made for dinner tonight, comes from Appetites: A Cookbook.

There’s fewer things that I (and many others) think are necessary for a perfect breakfast than bacon and eggs, and a good bacon and egg roll is worth its weight in gold. Well, maybe not quite, but it’s still a pretty good way to start the day. A good bacon and egg roll is finger food. You have to be able to eat it with your hands. Maybe even while driving.

The trade off here, of course, is that the perfect egg has a runny yolk. A runny yolk is not conducive to finger food, and especially driving. So the best bacon and egg rolls I’ve had have been eaten with a knife and fork, on a plate.

So when Jen showed my Anthony Bourdain’s Bodega Sandwiches and I saw he, rather than frying the eggs, makes more of an omelette, I said – ‘that makes perfect sense!’…omelettes are the perfect way to have non-runny eggs!

Bourdain’s recipe is simple, fast and amazingly delicious…and clean. Cooking bacon is messy with all the fat, but this recipe makes sure you clean the fat up after cooking the bacon. I did this on our flat grill, and then took the sliced hamburger buns and toasted them on the inside in the bacon fat. Then I whisked the eggs together as you would for an omelette and cooked them in the bacon fat and when they were almost cooked, simply laid American cheese slices on top to get all melty. Then it was just a matter of assembling the four ingredient sandwich.

So, if you’re after a quick breakfast (or brunch, or brinner, or anytime!), this recipe will get you one of the nicest bacon and egg rolls I’ve had. We’ll definitely be adding this to the menu! RIP Tony.