Tessa Huff’s Milk and Cookies Cake

Our youngest son turned THREE this month. Where has the time gone?! I knew I wanted his birthday cake to be something super special and we looked at lots of kids cakes together on Pinterest at bedtime to see which he liked the best. And since he loves Sesame Street, this Cookie Monster cake was the winner.

But the look of the cake is only one aspect of a good birthday cake – it has to taste incredible. And so trying to work out the flavors ends up taking a lot longer. Until I remembered that there was Tessa Huff’s Milk and Cookies cake that if we made a few small adjustments to, could easily be adapted to look like Cookie Monster. I thoroughly enjoyed sending people the recipe because her cake looks NOTHING like our Cookie Monster cake. But they truly are the same.

The cake is a basic white cake with a whipped vanilla frosting and a cookie dough filling which is to die for. I spent over an hour piping melted chocolate chips into a mini version because I wanted the texture of the chocolate chips in the filling to be just right. I am super pleased with the result.

To Cookie Monster it, I simply added blue food coloring to the frosting, found some packaged miniature Oreos and chocolate chip cookies to line the bottom, made the chocolate drip from another Tessa Huff cake recipe, and constructed the eyes with halved full size Oreos, brown M&Ms, 2 wooden skewers and some melted chocolate.

The birthday boy was very pleased with his Cookie Monster cake and I made sure he had a nice helping of “brown and white” ice creams to eat it with.

Four birthday cakes down for the year, two more to go!