Throwback Thursday: Croque Madame from My Paris Kitchen

Throwback Thursday to one of my favorite cookbooks, My Paris Kitchen, which Food52 Cookbook Club covered in July last year and one of my favorite sandwiches, the famous Croque Madame! This thing is like a grilled cheese sandwich on steroids, and it is worth every extra cent and second that is put into it compared to your average grilled cheese.

You start off with some really good quality country style bread, which you spread with a bechamel sauce that you’ve made and then you layer on prosciutto and grated Comte or Gruyere cheese. You sandwich it together and butter the outsides before toasting it in a nonstick frypan. After the underside has toasted, you flip it over and put some more grated cheese on top so it becomes nice and melty. In another frypan, cook a sunny side up egg to place on top of the sandwich, season with salt and pepper and serve.

One of my favorite quick meals!