The return of hand pies

I missed this challenge the first time around so I was excited to see the return of the Hand Pies Bakealong this month. The recipe and step by step instructions are here if you’re interested in participating too, so I won’t go into detail in that regard.

I found that the updated instructions were very helpful for quick assembly – I divided the dough into quarters before refrigerating and rolled out one square at a time to make 2 pies. This also allowed me to adjust the number baked in one session, so I did 4 one night and 4 the next. I just cut slits rather than using fancy cutters because my cutters were all quite big. I ended up using the rest of a jar of blackberry jam I had in the fridge which worked very well and I’m pleased to report that it didn’t end up a big soupy mess like I’ve seen some pies have had.

Overall I thought this was a very good recipe and will definitely return to it should the situation call for it – ie leftover jam or sour cream in my fridge and no dessert ideas. I wonder if next month we’ll get something new or if we’ll get another repeated challenge?!