Throwback Thursday: Double-Corn Corn Bread from Flour

A few weeks ago now I posted of an American style BBQ dinner that we had with pulled pork, coleslaw, mac & cheese and cornbread. But I never posted about that cornbread! So here I am finally correcting that obvious oversight.

Last August Food52 Baking Club baked our way through Joanne Chang’s book Flour and it is an absolute treasure trove of solid recipes. When I needed a cornbread recipe it was the first book I turned to because I was sure there’d be one in there.  It is a good recipe even though the cornbread wasn’t the best I’ve ever had. I loved that it wasn’t too sweet and had the slight tang from the sour cream. The whole corn kernels added a nice juicy bite. I left out the chopped fresh thyme because I didn’t have any on hand but I’m sure that would’ve been a lovely addition as well. I especially loved the good size bread it made because we have a big family of big eaters!

So what was it that didn’t make it the best cornbread ever?! The cooking. I baked it too long obviously at too high a temperature and as a result it was very dry. Cornbread does have the tendency to be dry but this was just ridiculous. Guess I should stop trying to multitask so much and pay attention when I try baking something new – this seems to be forming a habit!

Honestly I can’t believe I’ve not posted about this book before and I’m sure to be rediscovering a few recipes from it that we loved soon.