Tartine All Day: Tartine Chocolate-Almond Cake

Ok, we had to do it. Was there ever any question?! When Food52 Cookbook Club announced this month’s pick Tartine All Day they did so by sharing a Chocolate-Almond Cake recipe from the book. And when I read over it I saw the potential to create a gluten free Black Forest cake. So we went for it and this is what happened…

…well, it’s not a great pic, but that’s because we had guests to make cuppas for and to feed slices of cake. And when we came back later it was to an empty plate so there were no make up shots to take. So this dark and badly framed pic will have to do.

But let me tell you this is a cake worth making! Our gluten free friend was especially impressed. And to Black Forest-ify it all we did was change the jam dollops to cherry jam and use cherries as the fruit garnish on top. Seriously that is all. I’d suggest it would be best to refrigerate the cake for a few hours before serving so the flavors have longer to meld together, but really for a simple chocolate cake recipe that packs such a punch, there’s really not a thing to complain about here. Other than there’s no more in the fridge to eat right now! Tartine, you’ve done it again.