Tartine All Day: Ricotta Dumplings and book review

This meal took forever to put together. Not because it was difficult or anything, but because I had an absolute shocker with the ingredients. First I ran out of greens. I had ONE KILOGRAM of spinach in the house and managed to use it all and forget that I still needed it for this dish. So off to the shops I went to get some more and I spotted this lovely loaf of sourdough bread at our local bakery that I thought would go perfectly with it, so picked that up as well.

Get home. Dumplings assembled and ready to be baked in our jar of marinara sauce. Go to pantry to retrieve it, it’s not there. Panic ensues. Well I’ll make the rich tomato sauce in the book. Umm…am I seriously out of tinned tomatoes too?! This never happens. Contemplate another trip to the shops but don’t want to pile everyone in the car on a cold Canberra evening. Start looking through the pantry again and find a jar of butternut pumpkin pasta sauce and decide we’ll see how that goes. And the result…

Perfection! Seriously why had it taken me so long to come up with this idea. Of course pumpkin and spinach and ricotta are going to be a match made in heaven. We’d doubled the recipe for our big family and not even one dumpling was left in the baking dish. Another successful Tartine All Day recipe.

This book has been a lot of fun to cook through. Food52 Cookbook Club has continued to challenge my habit of sticking to a few tried and true favorites and branch out and expand my repertoire in ways I never thought possible. I still have a fair few recipes that I want to try but will have to wait for other opportunities because we’ll be moving onto another book next week. I love that this has helped me better understand wheat free/gluten free cooking and baking and that it is so much more approachable than I first thought. We regularly have guests with wheat and gluten intolerances and I am happy to have more that I can cook for them when they come over.

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