Throwback Thursday: Potato Hash with Peppers & Onions from The Food Lab

Feel like I’m throwing it way back this week but really it’s only to last November, when Food52 Cookbook Club covered J Kenji Lopez-Alt’s book The Food Lab. I’ve written before about how much I love this book and this recipe is no exception. My library copy that I only get my hands on once every few months is more and more worn out with each borrow and I’m waiting for the day it hits the library book stall and I can snap it up for a bargain price. I would buy it new but the nostalgia of that particular physical copy makes it difficult for me to do so.

We needed a quick dinner the other night and it seems that whenever this happens, eggs are the go to. I noticed we had some green capsicum in the fridge and some bacon steaks that needed to be used and since we always have potatoes and eggs, this was an excellent choice. And all made in one pan!

You start off by microwaving the jacket potatoes to move them along in the cooking process. Then in some hot oil you fry the diced up potatoes until well browned. Then you add the diced up capsicum and onions and bacon and cook until they’re nice and charred too. Then it’s just a matter of a dash of hot sauce and salt and pepper and that part of the process is done. Crack eggs directly into the skillet making small wells in the hash for them. Transfer this to the oven until the whites are cooked through or like us, since the pan we used wasn’t oven safe, just leave them on the hotplate until they’re cooked (it took a bit longer this way). Dish it into bowls and demolish!