Domino’s Vegan Menu

A different kind of Meatless Monday post this week. It’s my eldest son’s 15th birthday and he always requests pizza for dinner. I noticed recently that Domino’s have started offering a new Vegan range on their menu and so I thought it was about time I give it a go and see what I think.

We ordered an avocado veg pizza with vegan cheese and planned to order the vegan cheesy garlic bread but then found out their normal garlic bread is vegan anyway and much cheaper so ordered that instead.

The flavors on the pizza were excellent and you wouldn’t pick that there was anything amiss with the cheese. The pizza tasted slightly soggy, but I think that was more of a cooking issue than a flavor issue. I would definitely get this again! And the garlic bread is always a hit – my daughter can eat a whole loaf on her own. And she’d never know it wasn’t real butter.

Overall, I’m really happy with what Domino’s is offering for its vegan customers. I still miss the old style vegetarian pizza we were eating up in Queensland 12 years ago, and it would be interesting to see how that pizza would have held up with the vegan cheese swap. Bring it back, Domino’s!!!