The Baking Bible: Marble White and Dark Chocolate Cheesecake

Another cheesecake by Aaron, this one for our eldest son’s 15th birthday. The kid is crazy for cheesecake, so it was no question that Aaron would be making his birthday cake this year, given his flare for cheesecake baking.

This was a white and dark chocolate marbled cheesecake, from The Baking Bible, and it comprised a chocolate biscuit (aka sponge cake) base and then a cheesecake batter that was split in half and had white chocolate and dark chocolate stirred in, before pouring them in parts into the cake pan and baking to give it a marbled effect. Aaron reckons he could’ve done better with the marbling, but it was so rich and creamy, it was really hard to fault it. And the birthday boy was impressed, so it was without a doubt a success!