Six Seasons: Shell Beans and Beans on Toast

I love homemade baked beans, though I don’t have a recipe for them. I used to order them at a local cafe here in Kaleen but they took them off their menu, and my life has never been the same.

Food52 Cookbook Club also has a book of the year: Six Seasons by Joshua McFadden. It’s a vegetable focused cookbook that is organized by seasons of the year. People in our club have been trying to cook through the whole book in a year, but I’m not that committed to be honest. I like to just cook what looks good at the time. And of course I had to try the Beans on Toast recipe, which comprises his Shell Bean recipe as well.

The shell beans can start from beans fresh from the shell or dried beans that have been soaked overnight (which is what we did). We used borlotti beans and after soaking you put them in a large pot with rosemary, chile, bay leaf, garlic and salt and fill it up with water. Then you cook just barely boiling until soft.

To turn this into beans on toast you cook some garlic, more rosemary and chile flakes in some olive oil until the oil is infused, then you wizz some of the beans in a food processor and add some of the cooking liquid and some more olive oil. This gets spread onto the toast then you top it with more of the beans and drizzle with the infused olive oil.

This is not at all what I was expecting when I first saw the dish. It was good, but a bit much on its own. If we had it again I would definitely add a runny egg on top at the very least and maybe a bit of cheese.

Back to the drawing board to find the best baked bean recipe!