Greece: The Cookbook: Rice with Minced Meat and Mushroom Sauce

For my second recipe from Greece: The Cookbook I just had to try this minced beef and rice dish after I saw several people post about it in the Food52 Cookbook Club Facebook Group. It looked like a really easy midweek meal and it did not disappoint – all the kids ate at least some of it (I think my 3 year old son may be vegetarian because I can rarely convince him to eat meat of any kind, but he did eat some of the rice so I’m counting that as a win) and there were no leftovers.

The recipe is pretty basic. You cook onion and green shallots in some oil then add and brown some beef mince. Then you add tomatoes (I used canned), a little sugar and vinegar (I used sherry instead of red wine) and season with salt and pepper. Set that on a simmer and cook the mushrooms in a separate skillet in a little more oil then add to the meat along with some fresh parsley. Meanwhile I just set my rice cooker to cook some long grain rice and when it was ready, it was time to dish up! I’m glad I gave this a go as it was similar to a bolognaise or a chilli con carne but not so similar that it was unfamiliar. A tasty and easy midweek meal, for sure!