Baking with Less Sugar: Sticky Toffee Pudding with Maple Sauce

I’ve established previously that Aaron’s favorite dessert is sticky date pudding. (See here and here.) So to find a recipe in Baking with Less Sugar that uses maple syrup instead of sugar was definitely worth a try.

The recipe is very similar to other sticky date pudding recipes in that you soak the dates in hot water then add bicarb soda and blend/process it until smooth before adding it to your other cake ingredients.

The sauce though was not a caramel or butterscotch sauce made on the cooktop, all you do is melt butter and whisk it with some maple syrup then slowly whisk in cream. Too easy.

While I didn’t think the sauce looked as enticing as a normal sticky date pudding sauce it was delicious. I wonder how you could make it look like a dark sticky toffee sauce without brown sugar?!

I’m planning to try this recipe again and use sugar free maple syrup to see how that goes. As I mentioned in my last Food52 Baking Club post, a family member has recently been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and so while this has no sugar in it, the maple syrup still affects her blood sugar so it would be a no go dessert for her. Fingers crossed that I can take this recipe a step further to make her a no sugar dessert.