Greece: The Cookbook: Meat Rolls with Garlic and Tzatziki

Meat rolls. Sound amazing, right?!  Kofta or meatballs maybe…but meat rolls…don’t sound very appetizing to me. We put together a mezze of sorts and this was one of the key features and they were gobbled up no one needing to know what the dish was called. Hehe…

It really is basically a meatball where you mix all the ingredients (meat, onion, garlic, bread crumbs, vinegar, seasonings) in a large bowl and then you shape portions into oblongs. We portioned them out using a big ice cream scoop and then shaped them with our hands. They cook really quickly in the grill section of the oven and couldn’t have been simpler to prepare. A real crowd pleaser.

The tzatziki was courtesy of our eldest son (apart from Aaron having chopped the cucumber as he was the chief chopper for the evening). And again it was a chuck everything in a bowl and stir together – cucumber, yogurt, garlic, salt, olive oil and dill. This was not only delicious on the meat rolls but also went well with the zucchini fritters we made (more on that later).

I’m really enjoying cooking through Greece even though the book is so extensive it can be hard to work out what to make. It has a real shot at getting us not to crave Turkish takeaway…one of our regular indulgences.