Throwback Thursday: Fennel-Orange Shortbread Wedges and Honey-Blue Cheese Madeleines from Dorie’s Cookies

Two hidden gems in Dorie’s Cookies that are well worth throwing back to this week are her Fennel-Orange Shortbread Wedges and her Honey-Blue Cheese Madeleines. These are great for a finger food or cocktail party and are sure to be a repeat in our house.

The shortbread is barely sweet and the fennel and orange combination pairs nicely with a hard cheese and the hint of salt makes all the flavors sing. There is nothing quite like this cookie.

The madeleines don’t bake up as nicely as normal madeleines because the pops of blue cheese can create bubbles during cooking but they are still superb to eat. I’ve really been digging the blue cheese flavor lately and I can imagine this going really well with fresh figs when they’re in season. Even without the fresh figs we were fighting over who would get to eat the last one!