Baking with Less Sugar: Peanut Butter Honey Cookies and review

Our friend’s gifted us with a large tub of their own honey so naturally I’m wanting to make anything and everything that would be enhanced by its outstanding flavor. And when you pair their honey with my favorite peanut butter, any recipe is a recipe for success.

I love peanut butter cookies but I’m very particular and they have to be soft and chewy, no crunchy cookies for me! And several people mentioned that they baked up soft in the Facebook group so I definitely had to give them a go.

The recipe is a simple cookie recipe but instead of creaming butter and sugar you cream butter and honey. Then you add the eggs and vanilla and then the peanut butter. Last you fold in the dry ingredients which include the flour, bicarb, salt but also crushed peanuts and oats. I used my large cookie scoop and while the recipe says 16-18 cookies I ended up with 26 – not that I’m complaining!

These are a great low sugar dessert for my kids on school nights. I’m so happy with this recipe and would happily double or triple this recipe to fill my cookie jar. This is one of my favorite cookie finds of all time!

Baking with Less Sugar has been a very timely find in our household.  While I love baking, sugar consumption is never ideal. And now I have not only some strategies but some great recipes to turn to when I’m feeling like we need to detox or hosting a friend or family member who is diabetic. I’m glad I’ve got the Kindle book (it was a screaming deal a few weeks back) but also have access to the hard copy at our local library. Definitely a good cookbook investment!

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