The Baking Bible: Bourbon Pecan Butter Balls

There’s something that makes a no bake recipe so inviting during a busy week. And when a glass of bourbon isn’t an option, these bourbon balls are a nice night cap when your husband is working the night shift and you’ve had to wrangle four kids into bed.

I was actually really surprised to see these in The Baking Bible, but hey, I’m not complaining. I suppose I could have made the chocolate cookies component, but instead I opted for the much easier packet and a half of chocolate ripple biscuits. You put them through a food processor until they’re crumbs then transfer to a large bowl and put more stuff into the food processor – pecans, icing sugar mixture, cocoa, butter and corn syrup. Combine that with the biscuit crumbs and then add the bourbon. And how! We bought a bottle of Maker’s Mark and a generous 6 Tablespoons went into this.

I put the recommended 3/4 cup of sugar in a small plastic bowl, chucked the bowl of ball mixture on the scales and started to portion out 20g balls, rolling them in my hands then in the sugar and then straight into the tall canister. Over and over again until they were all made. A mindful activity too, for this worn out mom.

These are delicious. Exactly what I want for an after dinner treat with a cup of tea. Easy to portion control and last a couple weeks in the pantry.

My one complaint about the recipe is the sugar coating. The amount was way too much and I ended up dumping at least 1/4 cup and I coated them generously. But that just means that next time I’ll have to remember to use less. Not really a big deal but I hate wasting food so thought it was worth mentioning.

I’d love to try these the next time we have a bottle of rum in the house. They remind me a lot of my mom’s rum ball recipe but to be honest, these are better! Going to have to put chocolate ripple biscuits on the grocery list so I can make these again soon. =)