Throwback Thursday: Eclairs from Flour

I’ve mentioned how much my daughter loves chocolate eclairs before, but I couldn’t believe that I’ve not shared where my favorite recipe comes from. So a throwback it is…to August last year when Food52 Baking Club was baking through Joanne Chang’s Flour. Yes indeed, it was in this book that I discovered that I could recreate the Hyatt’s cutey patootie mini chocolate eclairs.

There are 3 components to this recipe: the choux pastry, the cream filling and the ganache. None of them are difficult and you can make the choux whatever size you want simply by varying how you pipe them. The cream filling is a pastry cream that has had whipped cream folded through it. It makes the filling soft and light rather than heavy. And the chocolate ganache is dead set simple, just chocolate and cream, and we dipped the tops of the eclairs into them and then placed them upright on a serving plate.

These were so sweet at the garden tea party we threw for our daughter last year and will always be my go to eclair recipe.