Pane Bianco returns

Okay King Arthur Flour, enough is enough already. Another repeat and one that I do so regularly that it is hardly a challenge. But then you go and improve the thing and I realize once again why I love you so much.

I’ve already posted about this bread here, so I won’t go into much details about the process other than a few quick words. The tangzhong technique works. Seriously this is a different bread all together from what I normally get. It was so soft and fluffy which made it even more delightful than it already was. Making two loaves instead of one is fiddly though. I won’t do that again in a hurry. Especially when we get through both of them with a soup dinner anyway. I’d much prefer one big impressive looking loaf to two small ones.

I get the feeling the end is near for Bakealong. It makes me sad but I guess most things have to end at some stage.