Hot Bread Kitchen: Whole Wheat Challah

Hooray for spring! A new month and two new cookbooks to discover and enjoy. This month the Food52 Baking Club is baking through Hot Bread Kitchen by Jessamyn Waldman Rodriguez. I’m not going to go through the grief of getting sourdough going this month (it’s too cold here in Canberra still), but I am going to make a couple of breads and a couple dishes which utilize those breads at the very least. First up, whole wheat challah.

I have made challah before, most recenty for a King Arthur Flour bakealong challenge, so it is a technique I’m familiar with. I was very skeptical about splitting the dough into two, and try as I may I was unable to work out the single strand braid so reverted to the traditional three strands. The plan is to make this into the Grilled Cheese French Toast recipe but I fear because the loaves are so small we’re looking at more like Grilled Cheese French Toast Sliders. Oh well, I’m still gonna try it. And seriously, you’d never know this was whole wheat based!