The End of KAF Bakealong

I predicted that this was happening, it just seemed like the last few months were all about the best of Bakealong recipes with nothing really new to challenge us. King Arthur Flour has officially announced on their Facebook page the end of Bakealong after 2 years. It’s bittersweet news. I know that things end, I remember being a member of Daring Bakers a decade ago and it’s like a ghost town now. I really think they could’ve gone on longer than the 2 years, especially given at least 4 of those months were repeats on previous ones, but if there’s no one willing to do it of course that’s bound to happen.

It reminds me of the conversation at our primary school P&C tonight. We’ve had a fete the last 3 years after not having one for ages before that and now it looks like no one is willing to stick their hand up to run it next year and it’s not going to happen. All that work of getting things running and organized to make it easier for the next time is just going to go to waste and there’s not really much anyone can do about it because there just isn’t the drive.

There are still about a dozen recipes that I’ve yet to feature here that were Bakealong challenges, and I think I will continue to work my way through them. King Arthur Flour have also announced a new initiative called Bake the Bag which looks interesting but I’m not really sure I can commit to baking their recipes 9 weeks in a row as we’re approaching the holiday season. Seems like a bit too much for me, but if it’s a jump in any time kind of thing, maybe I will get to it in the new year after it’s quieted down.

So long Bakealong! You were fun and challenging and you will be missed.

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