Throwback Thursday: Creamy Caramelized Broccoli Soup from Dinner: Changing the Game

A cold wet Canberra day calls for a hearty bowl of warming soup and this fits the bill! So we’re throwing back to August 2017 when Food52 Cookbook Club covered Melissa Clark’s Dinner: Changing the Game. I’ve shared previously about my love for her Orange Marmalade Meatballs that our family just can’t get enough of. What I didn’t know then was that this book had one of my favorite soup flavors of all time which I’ve never been able to recreate at home to my liking. Until now.

What makes this soup recipe interesting is that the first thing you do is char the broccoli florets in batches in olive oil on one side only and then set them aside and create a stock with onion, garlic and potatoes, plus chile flakes, salt and pepper in water before adding the broccoli back in with some lemon juice and zest. Then you blitz it into this emulsion of creamy with chunks of veggies and you dish up bowls garnished with parmesan and more salt and pepper.

The only downside: I only got one bowlful because Aaron wants the leftovers for lunch. Guess I better get another pot going!