In My Kitchen: September 2018

I totally missed the In My Kitchen link up last month amongst all the chaos of being sick and looking after kids. But I’m back with a few things to share this month. (I hope that the commenting continues to work, I’m sorry if it stuffs up.)

In my kitchen this month, honey from our good friends. Good timing with all the news about fake honey lately. This is 100% real and it is soooo good!

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup ice creams – I’m on a serious peanut butter kick lately, not like that’s anything new, but the other day I had peanut butter in every meal, including dessert!

My nephew got me this cute cactus ice tray. Only problem is that it is IMPOSSIBLE to get it from the sink to the freezer because it is so flexible. I need to find something small that I can sit it on in the freezer that will help transport it.

I nearly died when my husband sent me this photo from his phone. Died I tell you. I hate spiders. Why are there so many spiders?!

My cookbooks this month – Dining In by Alison Roman and Hot Bread Kitchen by Jessamyn Waldman Rodriguez. Neither of these books would have stood out to me if I were browsing a cookbook section in a bookstore, but both are proving to be full of fun recipes. We’re definitely going to be eating well this month and I’ve already secured a few books for the next few months that are looking equally exciting.

Happy Spring everyone!

Thanks to Sherry’s Pickings for hosting the In My Kitchen link up. To learn more, be sure to visit the link.