Throwback Thursday: Honey-Almond Snack Cake from Baking With Less Sugar

We’ve made this cake twice now because it is so good, especially with our friend’s honey. This throwback to last month’s book, Baking With Less Sugar, is sweetened only with honey, no sugar, and not only that, has been made gluten free by replacing the 1 1/2 cups of all purpose flour with a gluten free flour mix.

In addition to the flour, and the obvious honey, is almond meal and almond extract, vanilla and instead of the suggested creme fraiche, I used light sour cream. Joanne Chang suggests you bake it in a rectangular 9×13″ pan, so we used our large Pyrex the first time, but then the second time I used two 9″ round pans to make a lovely layer cake for a friend’s birthday. The icing is cream cheese, butter, honey, almond and vanilla extracts and everything is just sweet enough and the cake is surprisingly light for what seems like a heavy batter.

I will make this cake every chance I get. I wonder how adding some lemon zest or cinnamon would affect the flavor?

Yummy for the tummy!