Dining In: Baked Pasta with Artichokes, Greens and Too Much Cheese

This month, Food52 Cookbook Club is going through Alison Roman’s book Dining In. I procured a copy of it from the library and have little bookmarks on so many pages. It is going to be hard to narrow down only a few recipes to cook.

But first I needed something that was relatively quick and that the whole family would enjoy. Enter this baked cheesy pasta with spinach and artichokes, the recipe has been posted online here.

As you can see, I’ve used spiral pasta rather than lasagne sheets. I boiled it on the cooktop while caramelizing the onion and wilting the spinach. While that was going I also mixed up the ricotta, shredded cheese and cream. Then it was just a matter of layering everything up and popping it in the oven to cook through.

I really love dishes like this. Spinach and artichokes are a match made in heaven and when served with cheesy pasta it hides all that nutrition so the younger kids will try it without realizing they are eating their veggies. What a winning dish!