Hot Bread Kitchen: Torta, Dominican Corn Bread

We needed something to go with our baked beans and salads for dinner tonight and I noticed this Dominican Corn Bread in Hot Bread Kitchen that I thought would go nicely and give us a good excuse to finally use the cast iron skillet I got for my birthday back in March.

Our skillet is quite a bit bigger than the one recommended in the book so we doubled the batter and it fit perfectly. You whisk the dry ingredients in a bowl, eggs and vanilla in another, and warm up milk and butter in another. Then it’s a matter of combining it all and pouring it into a hot skillet straight from the oven and then cooking it until set in the middle. This took a bit longer because of the size and our stupid oven, but it was worth the wait.

How to describe this corn bread?! It’s sweeter than most corn bread and a lot moister. It has a lovely crumb and is moreish. We had four people eating and managed to eat more than half (which means we ate a whole recipe’s worth plus 1/6). Aaron was particularly impressed with it, he threw it together while I was busy fixing up all the other dinner components. He questioned it all the way through so when it turned out so spectacularly he of course had to concede it was excellent. Our eldest couldn’t get enough of it either and we indeed stuffed our bellies on this Meatless Monday.

I’ve heard somewhere that corn bread goes nicely with blackberry jam and I’m hoping I get the chance to sample leftovers with some for breakfast. Can’t wait for the next chance to use my cast iron skillet – it’s awesome!