Throwback Thursday: Simple Chocolate Mousse from Baking With Less Sugar

I can’t stop baking from this book! Another throwback to Joanne Chang’s Baking With Less Sugar this week as we had family game night with our extended family and there’s a diabetic to cater for, so of course this is the first place I turned. As diabetics still react to sugars in honey and maple syrup and there is always sugar in chocolate no matter the cocoa content, I do still be careful about which recipes I choose. This time it was simple chocolate mousse, but instead of looking for a high cocoa content, I found a no sugar added chocolate that has artificial sweetener that wouldn’t have an effect on blood sugar.

The recipe is dead set simple: you heat some cream on the cooktop and pour it over the chocolate in a large bowl, stir it up with some butter and salt and vanilla and put it in the fridge to cool 8 hours or overnight. Then just before serving you whip it up in the mixer until soft peaks (no more than that or it will be grainy). Spoon or pipe into serving dishes and garnish however you choose – we used blueberries, raspberries and some unsweetened whipped cream. Delicious!

Next time I’m going to try the sugar free mint chocolate…