Hot Bread Kitchen: New Yorker Rye and Reubens with Sriracha Special Sauce

We made another sandwich from Hot Bread Kitchen this week and it all started with this loaf of New Yorker Rye. We went to Source Bulk Foods to find some proper rye flour, we bought caraway seeds, got the pate fermentee ready the night before and followed the same usual instructions for making a loaf of bread. It amazes me how much difference those caraway seeds make – this is what is missing from Australian rye breads! I’ve never been impressed with them even though it was always my bread of choice in the US. Now I know why.

I love good American sandwiches and this one is no exception. We bought a ton of deli corned beef silverside and fried it up in a fry pan then slathered two slices of rye with the sriracha special sauce (this is basically 1000 island dressing recipe with sriracha added), put Swiss cheese on both sides, then added corned beef and sauerkraut before sandwiching it together and grilling it in a bit of butter. This is one heck of a sandwich and since we thought this recipe wasn’t going to make enough to feed us all (it says it makes TWO), we doubled the recipe, and ahem, we’re still not finished with all the ingredients we bought!

I’m a bit sad that this month is quickly coming to a close, this book is a gold mine of awesome recipes that NEED to be made.