Hot Bread Kitchen: Tinga Tostadas and book review

We’re quickly coming to the end of the month and so here is our last cook from Hot Bread Kitchen: Tinga Tostadas. I was interested in this recipe particularly because we made the Tinga from Nopalito a while back, to see if we liked it better. I’d say it came out pretty equal, but if we’d used rotisserie chicken to begin with, this one would have won!

The first step is to poach chicken breast with onion, garlic and salt.  Then you drain it and shred the meat. You shock the fresh tomatoes in boiling water so you can peel the skin then turn it into a tomato sauce by blending with garlic, chipotle in adobe sauce and more salt. Then you fry some onion in olive oil, add thyme and salt, the chicken and the tomato sauce, plus some of the poaching liquid. You cook this until all the flavors are well developed and the chicken is super tender.

Then you build your tostada: beans, chicken, lettuce, tomato, sour cream and cheese was our fixins. These were very yummy but not something I’d do for a midweek meal because of the time factor. If we started with rotisserie chicken and tin tomatoes, this would be an easy midweek meal.

I have loved everything about this book so far. The breads are great and the sandwiches we made from them were unforgettable. The corn bread recipe was so delicious, and this tinga recipe was most enjoyable. All the recipes have been very approachable. I do wish the loaves made one bigger loaf rather than two smaller ones – it made the sandwich making slightly awkward. I’m really surprised that for a Baking Club pick I haven’t made anything sweet – this is highly unusual but not unwelcome. It will probably reappear here around Christmas as I saw a stollen recipe that is definitely on my hit list!

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