Dining In: Split Pea Salad and book review

It appears that the number of recipes I can get to this month for Dining In is only three, but what a three they have been! This last recipe was a sheer delight to eat with barbecued sausages for a midweek meal. I’m seriously going to be loving the barbecue this summer.

While you are cooking some dried split peas in boiling water, you can get the rest of the salad prepared by cooking diced bacon in a skillet then adding it to a large salad bowl with thawed frozen peas and using the same skillet frying off diced potatoes until cooked and golden brown. Add them to the salad bowl, then make a sauce with white wine vinegar and whole grain mustard, drain and add the split peas and toss it together with chives, salt and pepper.

Sitting here looking at this picture I want this meal again and soon!

Dining In has really surprised me. I’ve noticed in the Facebook group that the popular recipes have been the Luckiest Biscuits in America and the Scallops with Corn, Hazelnuts and Brown Butter Chermoula. I want to get around to making both of these at some stage, but sadly it will have to wait til another day, another time. The recipes I’ve made have been very successful and quite easy to put together, making this book a winner. Hoping it will come around to me at the library again soon as I want to have another flick through to see what I’ve missed.

Until then, if you want to see the other recipes from Dining In that I’ve cooked this month, click on the links below: