In My Kitchen: October 2018

A new month already! Just before I share what’s been in my kitchen lately just FYI that I’ve installed disqus on my blog to hopefully circumvent the commenting error problem that has been occurring over the last few months. I’m not sure if this will cause problems of its own yet, but I thought it was worth a try as we still haven’t worked out why commenting sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t.

Now…in my kitchen this month…lots of canned pumpkin! I’m trialling 18 different pumpkin pie recipes to see which is the best and so I ordered industrial size tins from USA Foods. We’ve already worked through one of them.

Twinings Infuse – we bought these a few weeks ago when they were on sale and we’re pretty impressed so far. We usually make our own iced teas, but for a convenience product, this is a good one. No added sugar! Just as all iced tea should be.

We’re making our own vanilla extract! We’ve had this bottle of vodka in our cupboard for years unopened (clearly we shouldn’t have bought it). But rather than just leave it there for even longer we bought some vanilla beans, split them open and stuck them inside. Now we have a goodly supply of vanilla extract. It smells heavenly!

I bought this little brass honey wand (if that’s what you call it) and tea disher outer (I’m really all about the naming atm) for $3 from Ikea recently. I’m always struggling to get my older boys to get themselves honey without making a huge mess and since we’ve been drinking so much loose leaf tea lately we were looking for a dedicated tool for portioning it out and this is perfect. A good $3 investment.

And this is why we’ve been drinking so much tea lately, we got a new tea brewer – my sister in law calls it the tea flusher! LOL You put the tea inside, pour the water in, and after the proper amount of brew time you place it over your cup and the water filters through the bottom. Then you just rinse it out and it’s ready for the next time.

My cookbook shelf is getting out of hand again – I need to return some of these. But which ones?!! I’m hopeless, I know…

That’s all for this month – happy October!

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