Raw Strawberry Slice from Coles Magazine

We had a games night get together last week and had to cater for a diabetic and a vegan so I wanted to find a dessert that suited both. I’ve been staring down the September Coles magazine cover for a while because of the Raw Strawberry Slice on the cover and when I looked at the recipe I realized it would be pretty easy to make it more diabetic friendly by using Queen Sugar Free Maple Flavoured Syrup, and it’s vegan already, so this dessert ticked all the boxes.

The slice comprises 4 layers and you need both a food processor and a blender to prepare it. The bottom layer is coconut, Medjool dates, pistachios and almonds. You process them into a crumb which you press into a slice pan (I have these Tupperware containers that are the same size so I used that) and chuck it into the freezer until the next layer is prepared. The next layer comprised cashews that have been soaked in water overnight to soften them, coconut cream, maple, coconut oil and lemon juice. You blend this until it’s thick and smooth, then you pour half over the base of the slice and return it to the freezer. Then you add one punnet of chopped strawberries to the remainder and blend it until smooth. Pour that over the top and freeze.

The recipe says that 15 minutes before serving you place it in the freezer to defrost but for us this took about 2 hours for it not to be frozen solid. Before serving you slice another punnet of strawberries and arrange the slices over the top and then you slice the whole dessert into 16 slices. This was so yummy, but the texture needs to be just right. If it’s frozen the texture is off putting. I will definitely make this again and am super keen to try a mango version for summer.