Throwback Thursday: Our Search for the Perfect Pumpkin Pie, Round 3

And now for Round 3 of the Pumpkin Pie competition – this the final round of the traditional looking pumpkin pies and are all from books that came out last year.

Pie 1:

This is the Five-Spice Pumpkin Pie from The Fearless Baker which Food52 Baking Club covered in March this year. I was a bit dubious about this recipe at first because the only spice in it is Chinese Five Spice and there were a whopping two teaspoons in there! The All-Buttah Pie Dough was parbaked and the end result was so smooth you’d almost think it was undercooked. I really loved the spice flavor and am curious how it would have turned out with the garam masala variation that was included in the sidebar. (Maybe next year?!)

Pie 2:

This is the Classic Pumpkin Pie from Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat which Food52 Cookbook Club covered in September last year (anyone excited for the new Netflix series?!). It is called classic for a reason and there were no real surprises in the recipe at all. The dough was raw when the pie went in the oven and collapsed as a result because the filling wasn’t high enough. But the flavor profile was great, the taste was great, this is a good recipe and pretty easy as far as pies go.

Pie 3:

This is the most time consuming pie of the week: Bravetart’s Butternut Pumpkin Pie. (Bravetart was covered last November by Food52 Baking Club.) It not only uses butternut pumpkin puree from a oven roasted pumpkin but you also make your own condensed milk to use in the recipe. The No Stress All Butter Pastry I wouldn’t really call no stress because you have to be very careful to keep everything so cold and you fold it almost as though you were making a rough puff. No other pie pastry recipe has asked for this step and luckily it was a cooler day so the butter didn’t make a huge mess of things. It was also fully baked before filling and baking the pie itself. I probably went a bit heavier on the fresh nutmeg than the recipe called for because I was too lazy to measure the 1/4 teaspoon but it said you could decorate the top with more if desired so figured it wasn’t a big deal. The texture was almost marzipan like, the flavour was great, and the pie pastry is leaps and bounds better than the rest.

So it’s of course a clean sweep for our most time consuming pumpkin pies. Bravetart for the win. And although we tried all the pies cold and at room temperature this week, I really had no preference either way. I was really pulling for The Fearless Baker pie after I sampled it first because that five spice really blew me mind. But I couldn’t deny that Bravetart was the better pie overall. It will be in the Semifinals in 4 weeks alongside Flour and Four and Twenty Blackbirds Pie Shop.

Next week we move on to our first pumpkin pie variation: pumpkin cheesecakes.