Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking: Carbonara Sauce

This may not look like much but let me tell you this is comfort food to the max! Aaron years ago perfected a spaghetti carbonara recipe and it has been so long since we’ve had it that we thought we’d see how the recipe from Marcella Hazan’s Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking compared. In a word: perfection.

While people often put cream in their carbonara, traditionally it gets it’s creamy texture from eggs and cheese. In this recipe you cook sliced bacon (or pancetta) in garlic infused olive oil, then add white wine once it’s cooked. In a serving bowl whisk together eggs and some cheese then toss through the cooked drained pasta. Add some pepper and some parsley and the cooked bacon, wine, oil mixture and stir it together. Dinner is served. And it’s a quick meal to throw together too!

I’m keen to try the bolognese sauce still and a frittata as well. Because our oven is getting worse by the day, I doubt I’ll get to focaccia or pizza before the month ends. That’ll have to be a throwback, unfortunately.