Moroccan Mint Iced Tea

Our old local T2 in Sydney used to have a tea house and I absolutely loved that place. My favorite part of visiting was sipping on one of their many varieties of iced teas, but their Moroccan Mint was my absolute favorite. Since we’ve moved away and they’ve closed down I took it upon myself to recreate this beloved beverage. Here is my recipe:

Make 1L of mint tea using 4 mint tea bags or loose leaf tea. I like to use Vanilla Mint Loose Leaf Tea from T2. Add 1 cup of apple guava juice, 1 sliced lemon and 12 mint leaves. Pour in glasses of ice and serve.

T2’s version used sugar syrup, Turkish Apple tea (which is sugary) and Guava Nectar (which also contains sugar). This version is only sweetened with the juice (which has no added sugar) so is much healthier than the original.

I can imagine we’ll be sipping this all throughout summer alongside our bbq fare and salads. Can’t wait!