Food52 Genius Desserts: Ten-Minute Cracker Pie

My copy of Food52 Genius Desserts still hasn’t arrived, so I’m still looking in the contents on the Amazon page and working out if I can get an online version of one of the recipes so I can participate. This morning, Aaron made lemon cracker pie (we had lemons on hand so that’s why it’s not lime) so that by the time dessert rolled around it would be nice and pudding like inside. It really is quick to put together and requires minimal ingredients.

We chose to layer this dessert in a trifle bowl rather than an oval casserole simply because we don’t have one. You make the cream mixture by whisking together sweetened condensed milk, thickened cream, lemon juice and zest until thickened. Then you layer it in a serving dish with Ritz crackers and refrigerate until ready to serve.

After 8 hours in the fridge the crackers still had a bit of bite to it, but this was quite a treat. The crackers reminded me a bit of our SAO Vanilla Slice that we make, the crackers being a replacement for puff pastry. Our family of 6 ate the whole thing!

Hopefully my copy of the book arrives soon, but if not there are still a few recipes from the book that have been posted online that I’ll be able to make.