Pumpkin Spice Latte

Seriously we can’t get enough pumpkin at the moment. We had an odd amount left over after last week’s pumpkin cheesecake shenanigans so I finally convinced Aaron to give making pumpkin spice lattes a go. I found this recipe and it seemed so simple and then it occurred to me if we used Stevia instead of sugar it would be diabetic friendly too.

We are hooked! I’ve had this 3 evenings this past week. Because it uses soooo much vanilla though, I’m thinking of finding a vanilla sugar syrup (of the sugar free variety – ha!) to use as a replacement for the vanilla and the Stevia in the recipe. We’re planning a day trip to Sydney soon so hopefully the USA Foods store will be able to help us. And of course, there will be a trip to Starbucks for the real thing. =)